5 idee per mete TOP da visitare in autunno

Even in autumn you can travel: here are our tips for 5 destinations to visit in autumn!

After the summer holidays and abandoned beaches and shores, if the desire to take some healthy relaxation is not over, then here are 5 ideas of destinations for next autumn .

Destinations that can still give you very mild days that will allow you to take the liberty of pleasant days, fabulous sunsets and unique colors.

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Paris in autumn: timeless beauty

For lovers of European capitals , Paris is undoubtedly one of the 5 destinations to visit in autumn, which holds its charm for 12 months a year. But there are seasons, in particular, that allow you to enjoy the beauties in a decidedly different way. Going to Paris in autumn means being able to still enjoy many hours of daylight during the day and a still mild climate , before the rigors of winter.

What to see in Paris really becomes a difficult choice, in the sense that the wonders that this city offers, even just walking through the streets of the Villa Lumiere , are so many. A lot, of course, will depend on how long the stay will be. There are museums , such as the Louvre, which require even more than a day to be fully visited. Others, such as the beautiful Musée d’Orsay, require significantly less time, despite having equally fascinating artistic treasures.

Without a doubt, a walk between the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower will be the best way to fill your eyes with the grandeur and splendor of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Florence and the Chianti hills among the 5 autumn destinations

There are treasures that contain others. Cities that are true caskets of timeless beauty . Florence is one of them.

florence autumn ideas

Capital of the Renaissance par excellence, for centuries it has offered its visitors the highest expressions of one of the most flourishing artistic periods in the history of humanity. The Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, the Duomo and Santa Croce, just to name a few essential stops.

Within a few streets it is possible to find everything that has made Florence so famous in the world . Its Piazza della Signoria is at the center of a network of streets that enclose history, art and more. Florence is famous in the world for being one of the capitals of world fashion : some of the most famous brands pass through Florence and some of the most chic shopping streets in the world.

But it will only take you a few kilometers to reach the splendid surroundings of the Florentine hills . From here it will be possible to admire, especially in autumn, colors that will make magical places on which hectares of vineyards extend capable of evoking flavors and excellences of a territory to be discovered and known.

Sharm el Sheik for those who still want the sea in autumn

sharm autumnDid you know that the second largest coral reef in the world is only a few hours away by plane from Italy? Sharm el Sheikh and its wonderful beaches with unique backdrops in the world , is perhaps one of the 5 most popular destinations to visit in autumn for those who are never enough with sun, sea and beaches. Or who prefer autumn to take their holidays, away from the crowds of the August holidays.

Sharm el Sheikh and in general the entire coast on the Red Sea , with Marsa Alam or Hurgada, are destinations chosen not only by those who love the sea but also by those who cannot give up nightlife . Bars with levels of entertainment equal to that offered by the trendiest evenings in their cities.

In Sicily it is still summer: San Vito lo Capo

In the western tip of Sicily, there is one of the most enchanting places: San Vito Lo Capo. For those who know it, it means a sea ​​of ​​tropical colors and a white sand beach that evokes exotic landscapes. Here the warm climate continues even in the first months of autumn, giving sunny days and a sea that becomes even more beautiful.

It may be because in this period the tourist flows are decreasing. Maybe because the climate is no longer the hot one of the previous months. The fact is that from September onwards, if you are looking for a seaside destination, San Vito lo Capo can offer days to truly remember.

Barcelona: could not miss among the 5 destinations to visit in autumn

For city lovers, on the other hand, one of the best places to visit even in autumn is Barcelona. Symbol of a nightlife that knows no breaks, Barcelona can be the ideal choice to take a few days off in autumn . And it is one of those cities capable of satisfying everyone: both those who love art and the liveliest spirits who aim for healthy fun.

In Barcelona, ​​in fact, it is possible to visit the birthplace of Salvador Dalì as well as the grandiose Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia: the most beautiful unfinished that the world knows. In addition to being able to happily navigate the Rambla in search of places to spend hours of partying.


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