Amicizia fra uomo e donna: mito o realtà?

Does friendship between man and woman really exist? It is a centuries-old question, to which everyone gives their own answer, based on their own experiences.

Some argue that it is not possible because sooner or later one of the two will start to feel a different feeling, be it attraction or love.

The most common place of all is the following: he falls in love with her but she considers him a friend. Almost all the friendship-themed TV shows have built on this. Does it really happen? It is probable, but they are stages in life.

As for the opposite stereotype, the woman usually falls madly in love with her best friend, mistaking the strong friendship for love. Julia Roberts teaches.

The truth is, there are no rules, there are no right things to do or not when it comes to feelings. Every relationship, be it friendship or love, follows its course regardless of our will.

Friendship is a selfless feeling, in which people decide to spend time together for the sheer pleasure of doing so. The difference with love, at times, is a matter of nuances, of little things. Other times it is just the prelude to a fairytale love story, based precisely on strong complicity.

According to some, the friendship between man and woman can exist very well, since we are people and we are able to distinguish the various feelings. Or maybe it depends on knowing what you want or not, so who is right?

Everyone and nobody, as mentioned, depends on many situations (apart from the cliché) in which the relationship develops. There are no rules or right things, only life.

There are also the reverse cases, where people who have shared life decide to separate and remain friends for life. You want it for the children, you want it for work or simply because there remains a deep feeling of esteem that unites the two exes. It is an evolution of the relationship, a new phase.

Friends are the most precious asset they can have, but there must be basic sincerity otherwise it is pure and simple interest. Man and woman are complementary in many ways, but friendship is something complicated and unique.

Sometimes a man can, paradoxically, understand a woman better than another woman precisely because he can give a different point of view on various issues, making her reflect and giving her a new point of view.

It is certainly not easy to maintain this type of relationship, because misunderstanding what you feel is a problem that can arise, but often this is due to the insecurity of one of the two who, seeing himself sentimentally lost, throws himself on the only concrete affection that is found. front.

So as we said there is no single answer to the age-old question “but does friendship between man and woman exist?”, But there is life with its facets, its flow and its inexorable stubbornness to do what it wants .

So it is useless to ask questions, look for what is right or wrong, highly recommended, however, to live your situation in total tranquility: if you feel a feeling of friendship for a man or a woman, live it serenely because it is a beautiful and pure feeling that it deserves to be experienced. Then if it turns into something stronger you will see where it takes you, if instead it does not turn badly you will have an extra friend, trusted, loyal, who will protect us always and in any case.

Always love, whether it is for friendship or for love, because there is little more beautiful and unique: loving someone is good for the heart and soul, so do it without hesitation and problems. We do not lose emotions, and the beauty of experiencing them: it is the most important thing we have.


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