Aria pulita in casa? Scegli i purificatori con filtri HEPA

The market for air purifiers today offers two types of household appliances: ionizers and real ones, that is, equipped with special filters. Buying an air purifier, no matter the model, is a very wise choice for those who care about the respiratory health of the whole family .

If the ionizers create gas molecules that go to bond with the polluting particles in the air, the filter ones work very differently. For example, the Lg air purifiers with Hepa filter and activated carbon filter stop polluting particles such as fine dust and retain greater quantities of dangerous agents . In both cases we are faced with devices that are very useful for human health but it is clear that devices equipped with activated carbon filters seem to have an edge over the others. Let’s see everything there is to know on the subject.

Why use the air purifier at home?

Very often people have the impression that the air in the house is cleaner than the outside one, even if this is not the case at all. First of all, it is enough to open the windows to contaminate the environment but then we must consider that the house is where we spend most of our time .

There is not only smog to keep under control because also chemical detergents, paints, some furniture and dirt contribute to making the air unhealthy, even at home. It is estimated that the air in the home is up to five times more polluted than what is outside and, for this reason, the air purifier is one of the best solutions for peace of mind.

The importance of HEPA filters

There are several solutions you can put in place. Air purifiers are one of them because, with different technologies, they retain harmful particles and free the environment from what makes them toxic. As we have anticipated, the best to choose from are those equipped with filters, especially with activated carbon or HEPA filters that are currently at the top of the best quality and safety standards .

These serve to retain even the smallest and apparently insignificant particles. A good quality filter can eliminate everything that circulates in the air thanks to a system that attracts and stores pollutants . You will only have to change the filter periodically because all the work will be done by the purifier.

What are they and how do they work?

In particular, HEPA filters refer to a standard of high stopping capacity . It was originally created in the USA and requires such a filter to remove up to 99.7% of the particles present in the air up to a size of 0.3 microns. In practice, these filters allow 3 particles out of 100,000 to pass and, therefore, it is one of the safest technologies to take into consideration, especially because of the times they run.

In the past, HEPA filters were used in laboratories and healthcare facilities but, given the recent research into home air quality, these new filtering tools have also moved on to private use. Their way of functioning consists of two phases: interception and diffusion. The polluting particles are literally intercepted by the fibers and stored in a convoy that removes them from the air you breathe .

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